Questions and notes

I took some notes of things you told me during the presentation and of some questions I promised to answer

to search, type :/[search string][enter]. To find the next match, either type :/[enter] or hit n

puts the currently running process to the background (and suspends it there), bring back with fg

Portable Operating System Interface. The 'X' is a remainder from the old task force name 'IEEE-IX'. IT is continuously developed, last version in 2016:

set keyboard language in debian:
dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

access timestamps on files:
the mount option 'noatime' switches tracking of access times off, 'relatime' leads to tracking with a threshold or combines it with the 'changed' timestamp. Finally, no mount option at all enables full tracking.

nmap list scan:
nmap -sL

apt pinning: